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Friday August 8th 2014

Change is coming to Recommend Me TV

I had a close friend whose mantra was “Change is good.” His name was Flash, and he lived without regrets. I have adopted that mantra over the last few years, after having experienced a large amount of change. And while I say that change is good, I honestly have not fully embraced, or had much fondness for all of the changes I have experienced. But there is an old saying about hindsight being perfect, and while I don’t know if that is true, I do know that some of the change I

Wednesday September 17th 2014

Change Is HERE!

I have been working overtime on the new RMtv (which in all honesty looks a lot like the old one). All of the business profile have been converted into our new Pay Per View video platform, and I have also launched our new Video Profile program for business members.

There are close to 1000 local Santa Cruz County businesses in the RMtv database, and I am committed to continuing the services we provide. Unfortunately we will no longer be offering a FREE membership. Effective immediately

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